Non Duality Teacher David Hoffmeister

Non duality teacher David Hoffmeister is a modern-day mystic who has traveled the world for over 35 years sharing his clear and practical application of A Course in Miracles (ACIM), a non-compromising pathway to Awakening. He is known world-wide for being a living demonstration that peace is possible through the function of forgiveness in spiritual Awakening. He speaks from the Awakened mind, and with his consistently peaceful state, exuberant joy, and dedication to truth, David is a living demonstration of the deep teachings of non duality. 

David’s journey involved the study of many pathways, culminating in a deeply committed practical application being a non duality teacher of A Course in Miracles. His immersion was so total that when he put the book down, to his surprise, the Voice of the Course continued speaking to and through him. Consistent mind training, introspection, and a profound devotion to A Course in Miracles helped him to free his mind, experience the full transfer of training, and he now lives from the Awakened mind. 

For those who feel that enlightenment in this lifetime is possible and have a deep inner call for Awakening now, David is complete inspiration! His teachings and parables are a clear demonstration of how to unwind our mind from all ideas, concepts, and beliefs—everything we think we think, and think we know—just as David did, until all that is left is the oneness that we are.

David has traveled across 6 continents, 44 countries, and 49 U.S. states to extend the message that truth is available for everyone. His teachings have been translated into 14 languages and absorbed by the hearts and minds of millions through the intimate style of his books, audios, and videos. David being a non duality teacher extends his teachings on ACIM and non duality for free on many websites. Enjoy your discovery of the One Self!

The world witnesses to what we want in our heart. It seems to be fearful until we change our mind and let the ego be washed away. Forgiveness is a gentle process for releasing our attack thoughts that leads us to the happy dream. David felt love wash over him when he opened ACIM and his life was completely changed. He began to trust his guidance. David found his Calling and experienced miracles,. The Voice of the Spirit began to speak through David. The only purpose of the Course is to put us in touch with our Internal Teacher.

A Course in Miracles and Advaita Vedanta meet at the highest point, at the experience.

The Course has its steps because the mind is too untrained and this is a training program.

The Course says “I need do nothing” and Advaita Vedanta is saying “You can’t really do anything.” At the highest level there is no ego in that experience because it is all Oneness, it’s all unified and there is no ego there.

As far as choice or free will, the world believes that choice and free will are the same but even in the Course in the Clarification of Terms, Jesus explains that, no, there is no free will in this world. It’s just pure happiness. Advaita Vedanta ultimately says the same thing: at the highest level there is no choice; way up the mountain peak there’s nothing to choose.

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