“Quantum physics says everything is unified and connected; there is no separation. Mystics say God created us perfect; we have always been perfect in our Source.”

―Non dual Teacher, David Hoffmeister

Non Dual Teacher David Hoffmeister

Welcome! You have come upon the website of non dual teacher David Hoffmeister, dedicated to opening your heart into the experience to which all non dual teachings point.  You will find a plethora of resources to go deeper on your awakening journey.

Non Dual Teacher Dreamer
Non Dual Teacher Happy Now
Non Dual Teacher True Giving

“The mind that is deceived believes that this world is real. It believes that it is a real person and that there are real events that are happening to it. I really lost my job; I really do not have enough money to pay the rent. That is how it feels. It really does not see it as a dream. When we go to bed at night and dream, there is running and sometimes fear and lots of emotions that seem to go on in those dreams. Why? Because the mind thinks it is in the dream. If you really let go of judgment you will start to see more and more that you are the dreamer of the dream, that you are the cause of the dream.” —Non dual Teacher, David Hoffmeister

Non duality:  A Course in Miracles makes two key metaphysical points showing it is necessary to let go of everything we think we know about the world. First, the world was made as an attack on God, a place where He could not enter. Second, God knows not form. We are waking up to abstraction, to the blazing light of who we really are.

-Non dual Teacher, David Hoffmeister

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